Washington DC Attractions

Washington, DC, the largest U.S. city, is a small town on the Potomac River bordering the states of Virginia and Maryland. Attractions impressionIt is defined by imposing classical monuments, museums, and classic buildings - including the iconic ones which house the federal government's 3 branches: The Capitol, White House and the Supreme Court. It is also home to famous performing arts venues like the Kennedy Center and the performing arts organization Penn Folk Festival. The capital is also home of a multitude of interesting attractions. If you are visiting Washington DC, you can enjoy two popular tours. The first of these tours is known as National Mall Tour, which is run by the National Park Service. This tour covers all the famous locations of the National Mall. It includes the Statue of Liberty, Fortifications, several museums, the Mall, East Mall, South Mall, Washington Monument, and the Executive Mansion.

National Mall Tour

The other famous tour is the National Mall Tour, which is now closed to the public. The structure of this tour is constructed of glass wherein visitors are allowed to look directly at the Presidential Palace. It covers three regions; the North section, South section and the Executive Mansion. The third region of the tour consists of several walking tours and also the viewing of the Washington reflecting pool. The last part of the tour allows you to walk through the National Mall and see all the other tourist attractions located in close proximity to the White House. Moreover, several historical and political events take place along the Mall as well. Another popular and common tourist attraction in Washington DC is the Freedom Museum. This museum offers several free things to do and has several interactive exhibits. One interesting exhibit is the one entitled "We the People: A National History Museum". Here, visitors can find out many interesting facts about our history as a country and our evolution as a nation. Another fascinating aspect of this museum is the "The Other Book", a collection of one hundred and fifty books written on Washington DC. by prominent authors. There are several other museums that offer free tours and walking tours in Washington DC. Attractions imageTwo of the most famous museums are National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Natural History.

National Parks

These museums are run by the National Park Services and showcase some beautiful scenery. Furthermore, you can find other fascinating information about the history of Washington DC on their websites. National Museum of Natural History is one of the major museums that display different natural history collections, artifacts, paintings, and other records. On the other hand, National Portrait Gallery houses some fine paintings and historical records of the American people. The National Archives also houses some of the important documents that form an essential part of American history. If you have already been to the National Portrait Gallery, then you may want to visit other museums that are located near it. Some of these museums include the National Museum of American History, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and The National Postal Museum. In addition to the museums mentioned above, there are many other free D.C attractions that you should definitely see. In Washington DC, there are numerous Walking Tours that you should definitely experience. One of them is the National Mall Walk, which is a foot tour around the inner perimeter of Washington Dc. Besides the walking tours, visitors may also enjoy various programs that are organized on a regular basis. One of these activities includes the Smithsonian American Art Museum. For people fascinated with the culture and history, the National Postal Museum is an ideal place to see. With so much to do and see in Washington DC, it is no wonder that millions of tourists, every year, come here. The capital city of the United States is an ideal tourist destination because of its historical museums, monuments, and world-class restaurants. There are many free things to do in Washington DC. Even with a heavy tour schedule, visiting all the major museums and interesting landmarks is not a problem.